2019 Spring Softball Registration - Closed

Welcome to a new season of SRA softball.  Registration is now open at our website www.summerfieldrec.org.    We are excited to announce that 2019 marks the start of a new focus for SRA Softball as we will focus on play within our own community - as of this email we will not be playing other communities outside of SRA.    While this supports a strategy focused on SRA's ovearll priorities, it will require more effort to manage and balance numbers of teams and players in each age division (to avoid one age with few teams and another age with many). To support this effort, please register your child according to the year of their birth...unless they have previously already played up an age division, in which case, you should register them in that same previous age.  Otherwise, if you wish to register your child in a different age group, please email us at softballvp@srasports.org before doing so. Age Birth Year

6U     2012 & 2013
8U     2010 & 2011
10U   2008 & 2009
12U   2006 & 2007
14U   2004 & 2005

Due to managing numbers, the continued growth of SRA and the reality of facility limitations, we have anticipated capacity limits for the entire SRA league (baseball and softball). Therefore, registration will remain open until February 8 - or until capacity limits are reached in each age. There will not be late registration, but we will compile a waitlist after these capacity limits are reached or registration closes (whichever happens first). The waitlist will not guarantee a spot on a team, but it will put you on a first-come-first-served list in case spots open up.   Please register early - do not wait for the February deadline as it may be too late.  Once the capacity limits are reached we will NOT be able to accomodate any more players unless space becomes available off the waitlists. If you have any questions, please contact us at: softballvp@srasports.org or softball@srasports.org

Please contact registration@srasports.org for registration questions.

Also visit the softball page for more info and rules, CLICK HERE.