Regular Registration is open and available until July  29th at noon.  On August 4th at 4pm registration will open back up and all registrations will be put on a late registration/wait list. In addition, registration will close on August 8th at 4pm for the season. Please complete your registration in its entirety.  If you are put on the wait list, this does not guarantee your child a spot on a team.  If your child does not get put on a team, you will be given a full refund.
****Please read all waivers before confirming.
****Please confirm your payment went through by checking for an email from paypal as your receipt.  If registration closes and your payment did not go through your child will not be considered registered and will not be able to evaluate.
****You must register children individually if they are playing in different leagues.
*****Please review the Parents Rules of Conduct before registering your child to play with the SRA.

Fall Baseball

We are excited to announce that SRA will be continue to divide our 6U league into 2 divisions similar to our 8U league. We will have a National league and an American league.
National will be our introductory league to teeball. We will not play outs, strikeouts, etc. This league is open to any child under the age of 6 as of 4/30/2019.  This league is intended for children learning the basics of baseball or families who want to maintain a lower key approach to the game.
American will be for the more advanced 6U player that is ready to beginning learning more of the fundamental aspect of the game. In the American league coaches will pitch and we will play outs, strikeouts, etc. It is expected that children who play coach pitch  6U baseball will have mastered the basics of baseball including catching and throwing. Any child interested in playing in our 6u American league must be evaluated to make sure they are ready.

Evaluation Dates

Please bring your child for evaluations. It is very important that each player is evaluated.  Our league is based on a draft system to try and keep each team as even as possible.  Evaluations should be between 25 and 45 minutes but please arrive at the beginning of one of your time slots.

8U Baseball - Aug 6 at 6:30pm at Summerfield Elementary Field 1 (Makeup on Aug 11 at 9:30a Field 1)

10U Baseball - Aug. 8 at 6:30pm  at Summerfield Elementary Field 2 (Makeup on Aug 11 at 9:30a Field 2)

12U Baseball - Aug. 4 at 9:30am at Summerfield Elementary Field 2 (Makeup on Aug 11 at 11:00a Field 2)

14U Baseball - Aug. 9 at 6:30pm at Summerfield Elementary Field 2 (Makeup on Aug 13 at 6:30pm Field 2)

Please register for the league based on your child's age on April 30, 2019 for the following leagues.

Fall Baseball - Open

Winter Basketball - Closed

Winter Cheerleading - Closed

General (but IMPORTANT) Registration Information

Things to note about our registration process when its time for you to register your child(ren).

  • Once you click on the Registration button, it will open a new window for you to create a "log-in" for a site called TeamSnap. TeamSnap is where our Registration Form and information will be held. If you have already have a TeamSnap account, just use the "import player information" so that no new log-in is required and you can pull information from your first registration that was created. If you are new to the TeamSnap system, click the "No Thanks" choice and register from scratch.
  • After you register you may log-in to TeamSnap at any time, but there won't be much to see until your child is assigned to a team. Once children are assigned to teams - that's when the fun starts.

What fun, you ask? It will assist with communication, display schedules, games, practices, organize snacks and more. It will be way cool, trust us.

A Few Notes...

  • When you register, you may use any Web browser (IE, Safari, Firefox or Chrome) to register, but please note that people with IE have noticed things not quite lining up as they should. You may still register with IE, just know that the other 3 browsers may appear to be more pleasing to your keen eye.
  • If you have questions on the Registration Forms or process, please email us at:
  • Everyone must register online, there are no more manual forms.
  • All payments are through Paypal.  We no longer accept checks.

We hope you enjoy the season!

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