Coaching with SRA

Coaching any sport can be inspiring, exciting, rewarding and daunting all at the same time. Our goal at SRA is to provide tools that will help prospective coaches be the best they can. We offer coaches' clinics, camps or outlines that can be helpful to prepare any adult for coaching a team. The coaches clinic is mandatory for first time coaches. And of course, Google search or YouTube may have great tricks and tips for beginning or seasoned coaches too. We want our coaches to not only feel prepared, but be prepared.

How do you become an SRA coach?

  • Submit your name as a prospective coach when you register your child.
    •  If you missed this step, pls email your League Commissioner directly and put your name in the hat!
  • Wait to hear back from the Commissioner, VP or other SRA team member to find out whether your time is needed.
  • Pass a Background Check.
    • If your time is needed, you will need to pass a background check. This is a requirement of all Coaches, Commissioners and SRA board members. (see our Background Check page for detailed information about how this process works) Click here to head to our Background Check page which has our current form that is required to be completed and returned.
    • We will notify you with the outcome, pass or fail.
  • Sign a Coaches_Code of Conduct Form.pdf.

What happens when you get through the paperwork?

  • We will set you up as a Head Coach in our handy-dandy TeamSnap software system.
  • Make sure you know upcoming dates on any evaluations and important dates for your League.
  • Attend Evaluations. (Except for Ponytail Softball and T-Ball Baseball divisions as they do not hold evaluations at that age.)
  • Upfront, this initial time may take a bit, but once you are through it - its all practices and games from there!
  • Practice days are set by the Directors and Coaches themselves by working with available field times/spaces available and "The Scheduler". Currently that is Kevin Wyrick.
  • Once we set you up in the correct League, we will send you a TeamSnap invitation to accept. You will need to accept the invitation.
  • Once your team players have been moved to your team you will be able to communicate with your team, review schedules and more...
  • There are rules about what you can and can't do in TeamSnap, but we'll get to those later.
  • Communicate with your team on your expectations as a coach. (Using TeamSnap messaging system is the way to go!)
  • Make sure to thank your sponsor - they keep this Organization going. 
  • Enjoy your time coaching!
  • And by all means...Ask questions if you are unsure! See our Contact Us page is you are unsure of who to contact.


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