Registration will be open until October 30th

The Cheerleading season runs from mid-November through mid-February. Games will be on Saturdays starting December 7th.


  • Cost is $150 for Registration & a uniform if you are new to the program.
  • Cost is $65 if you are returning to the program and is for Registration ONLY - NO uniform pieces. But, you will also have the opportunity to order add'l pieces during the registration process if you feel you need additional items.
  • If you are a NEW Registrant and this is your first time participating/ordering a uniform you will be required to attend the "uniform fitting" day to insure you are ordering the correct size.

Important Dates

  • Uniform Fitting October 13 at 6pm.  Summerfield Elementary Rock Gym.
  • Makeup Uniform Fitting Wednesday October 16th at 6:00 pm.
  • First Game - December 7th.


  • One practice per week - Thrusdays 6:15pm to 7:15pm in the Rock Gym at the Summerfield Elementary.
  • Please be on time.
  • Please no gum, candy, food, etc.


  • Each squad will cheer at one game every Saturday at either the Summerfield Elementary Gym, Northern Guilford High School or Northwest Guilford High School.
  • Please be on time. See your coach for exact arrival time.
  • Coaches will alternate front and back rows of the squad for seating and on the court each game so that each girl can have an opportunity to be on the front row.
  • Coaches will alternate cheer calling among the squad each game so that each girl has a turn to call a cheer.
  • Cheerleaders will only be allowed to perform stunts 1 1/2 people high with an adult spotter.
  • No gum, candy, food, etc. allowed.


  • Vest, skirt, bloomers, pom poms, and socks are provided and are each cheerleader's responsibility.
  • White tennis shoes or keds are the appropriate footwear required.
  • Black shirt under the vest is required.
  • No jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.) may be worn. This applies to practice as well as the games. Skirt must be worn at the waist.
  • Hair should be pulled away from the face.
  • Uniforms may be worn to school on Fridays to show school spirit and promote SRA.


Positive attitudes are expected. This is for fun. Be nice to each other and to both basketball teams playing. We are cheering for Summerfield, not against anyone.

Just a quick side note...

If an issue should arise talk to your coach first privately and then to the co-directors. Please remember to set a good example for the children. They are watching all of us all the time. Please realize the co-directors have the discretion to remove any cheerleader from their squad for inappropriate behavior.

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