Background Checks

Working with and within a Youth Organization is a big responsibility for all. Its important that those people privileged enough to teach, develop and lead children have the best interest at heart during this time. Our goals are to have fun, grow great leaders, get some exercise and keep our kids safe. One way we can do that is by performing Background Checks for any person that applies to be a Coach, Commissioner, Board Member or other personnel that leads our Organization in some fashion.

In order to be transparent about how this works, and give everyone who goes through this process some comfort, here are the steps we follow:

  • Each individual that applies to be a part of the Organization fills out our SRA_Background_Check_Consent_Form.pdf.
  • Send the form electronically to or if you prefer to deliver it in person, pls email us as well to coordinate.
  • Once we receive the form, it is sent (sometimes via hardcopy and other times electronically) to a third-party vendor, Kerry Graves at Graves Investigations.
  • This third-party performs the background checks and determines if there are any "red flags" where an individual may not be eligible to coach.
    • We utilize a third-party so that people have comfort that no one on the Board or otherwise within the Organization is reading or reviewing backgrounds of individuals. Everyone's privacy is important to us.
  • A "red flag" showing up on a background check means that there is a potential issue with the position you are seeking. If the "red flag" is found our third party vendor may or may not contact you for further questions if needed. But, they will only provide to us a PASS or FAIL for each applicant. We will not be made aware of any of the issues.


What DISQUALIFIES a potential volunteer?

Automatic Dis-qualifiers from holding any position (Coaching or otherwise) with SRA.

  • An applicant provides inaccurate information in their application
  • The volunteer refuses to complete the screening process

Additional dis-qualifiers that will also effect an individual from holding a position (Coaching or Otherwise) when information is gathered during the Criminal History Background Check. If an applicant is found to have been convicted of any of the following offenses, they will not be considered.

  • Sex Offenses and Misconduct
  • Violent Felonies
  • Felonies (other than sex or violence related) within the past 10 years
  • Any child abuse or domestic violence convictions
  • Misdemeanors within the past seven years (that are relevant to the safety of children or families as determined by our third party vendor)

However, even if an applicant's background check does not have any guilty convictions, if there appears to be a patterned history of any potential criminal acts that could be of concern for the safety of the youth participants, SRA has the right to disqualify the applicant. In addition, should any pending charges described above be uncovered, or should any of the above charges be brought against an applicant during season, the applicant shall be suspended from continuing to volunteer until such time as the charges have been cleared.


How long until a background expires?

  • Background Checks will expire after 2 years.

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